Drawing 3

wet cardboard on ground

wet cardboard on ground

Mark Left by wet cardboard

Mark Left by wet cardboard


video of the process of pressing the cardboard to the ground to leave a mark


video of the process of wetting the cardboard

The shadow (drawing) created through the reaction of light and the cardboard cutout

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using the cardboard to create other images/ experiment with it as a framing tool


video of the process of cutting the cardboard, the sound is really important, as well as the repetition of cutting the shapes

tiny ABC

ABC’s Tiny in Charcoal, Pencil, and Pen

Recreating the abcs on smaller individual papers, the use of mixed media is important to show the different styles and meaning each medium respresented

Mandala Style

Charcoal Combo Drawing- Mandala Style

A sort of recreation and further exploration of a combination drawing

Final Project


Drawing as nothing- The process of deleting photos “Removing a Memory”

mirror installation


Interactive Drawing- Shattered Reflection. Engaging viewers, especially in our vain world where people have the inability to pass up looking at themselves in a mirror. To look at a broken one and see thier broken reflection and the effect that it creates.

Drawing as Memory- Creating a image out of salt, the effect the wind and weather creates on it. Very quickly it is gone. With todays technology without evidence of something, we are quick to question if it ever happened. Eventually the salt will dissappear. Was it ever really even there?

Drawing as Navigation- Walking through a puddle repeadedly the sound and motion created.

One Mark Against Many- Awkward and Rudely walking through a group on people on the sidewalk.

Project 3- Drawing in the expanded field

Project 2

Charcoal ABC Drawing Image Descriptions

A: Acorn (Ordinary object drawn from observation)

B: Boots (Ordinary object drawn from observation)

C: Couple (known symbol, silhouette)

D: Duck Dynasty (Reference to pop culture)

E: Excitement/ Exclamation Mark (Known Symbol)

F: Fence (Ordinary object drawn from observation)

G: Giraffe (recognizable but rendered in a highly flat, graphic, cartoon style)

H: House (one entry perceived as a whole scene)

I: Increase (known symbol- plus sign)

J: Jesus (known symbol- jesus fish)

K: Kite (Ordinary object drawn from observation)

L: Leaf (ordinary object from observation)

M: Monkey (recognizable but rendered in a highly flat, graphic, cartoon style)

N: Notes (known symbols- music notes)

O: Ocean Waves (recognizable but drawn in a cartoon abstract style- waves)

P: Picket Fence (ordinary object drawn from life)

Q: Quill (drawn from ordinary object feather)

R: Ratio (ordinary object, abstraction)

S: Silhouette of Girl (Abstraction, Ordinary object drawn from observation)

T: Tree (ordinary object drawn from life)

U: Umbrella (silhouette)

V: Vera Bradley Bag (reference to pop culture)

W: Wilted flower (Abstraction, Ordinary object drawn from observation)

X: X-Marks the Spot (letter X)

Y: yoyo (ordinary object)

Z- Zebra (abstraction, flat cartoon like drawing style)

Project 1


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